Hi there! 

My name is Git (pronounced Jeet), I'm the founder of Arrangit. I was born with a knack for organizing. Being organized isn't exactly a genetic trait, but when it is something your grandmother, your mother, and your sisters are all particularly good at, you tend to wonder.

I was raised in an organized home. My family home was the HGTV reveal episode ready any day of the week. So, when I ventured out into the big bad world and headed to my freshman college dorm, I was completely confused at my roommate’s apparent inability to put things away. She was an awesome roommate, but she was sleeping underneath her dirty laundry, which cascaded from her bed to the floor to the desk chair and beyond. It was an experience.  

… And that was just the beginning

The further away I got from home, the more I learned just how disorganized our world is - and not just our personal habits. Having to deal with schools, businesses, government offices, and all kinds of bureaucracies, I have come to understand that, while as humans we all crave simplicity and order, we are not very good at creating it. Furthermore, the systems that we create can only really function with a level of order that we rarely provide, setting ourselves up for failure before we even start.

These encounters led me to start this exploration into the world of professional organizing as an attempt to answer one question:

How can organizing change the world?