I cannot stress, how much I love spring. First of all, the flowers! Everything is just bursting wth renewed energy and life! Its like nature is waking up and you can hear its roar! Sometimes it sounds like massive sneezing attacks. BUT, that is ok, nothing a Claritin can't deal with. I don't mind the allergies, even though my body does. I also don't mind when it rains, because at least its not cold and rain gear can be super cute. 

MOST Importantly! It's the season to shed, declutter, and Tag Sale to my hearts content! The renewed energy everyone has, to tackle their homes, to improve their surroundings and to generally feel less bogged down in their homes is amazing. This season I will be in a few tag sales. I have also discovered the wonderful community of Facebook sellers, AND, most importantly, I will be working with people to insure their homes are exactly what they want them to be, not a thing extra. 

Let me know what your Spring season is bringing to your life! What projects are you tackling, what inspiration has awoken!

Slow declutter

  I am a big fan of Konmari and her method of decluttering. I think it can prove to be quite useful and cathartic, to let go of everything you don’t need at once as quickly as possible. For some of the people I have helped so far, this has proven to be the case. 

However, there are other people that don’t seem to respond as well to this method. It might be a personality trait, or arise from different needs, but for some the idea of getting everything out at once is not really the aim. Their need is to feel like things are getting out, progress is being made, and their house isn’t filling up. Its not so much about getting rid of things, but about restoring the balance of incoming an outgoing things in their homes. Many of my clients are ecstatic at the idea of their unwanted good gaining a new life elsewhere, somewhere where these things once again regain their original value. And, of course, no one complains at a bit of extra income. 

So weather you are looking for an extreme makeover, or a more subtle and sustainable way of keeping your home balanced, let me know and maybe I can help :)

How to organize for holiday travel

So, every year for the holidays my family travels to a location to celebrate together. We never really stayed home of the holidays, those were 3 weeks of prime vacation time and my parents made sure to take full advantage of that. How to organize for holiday travel

This tradition has always been a favorite of mine, but it comes with the need for a little extra organization. Holiday travel usually comes with a few extras, and this year we have chosen New Hampshire! We have rented a cottage, to go enjoy the some skiing, So, with that in mind I devised 4 categories of things I need to take. Making a list for each category will 1. Make sure I do not forget anything I am supposed to bring, & 2. Allow me to see everything that I am bringing, so I can whittle it down to the absolute musts. 

Clothing - I want to bring the absolute musts, but with a super winter location, its always important to bring everything necessary to stay warm and toasty. Also, not forgetting to bring something nice for Christmas dinner is always good. 

Personal Care - Winter is prime season for every lotion, chapstick, skin cream, and super hydrating body butter. However, when it comes to travel, I have to make sure and take only the absolute musts. Also, even if I’m not traveling by plane, having travel sized, containers to keep my things in really helps. Basically I make sure all of these items fit into a quart sized ziplock bag. 

Gifts & things for other people - Because Christmas. Also, my mother keeps her winter gear here, my sister needs me to bring a car chair for my nephew, etc. 

Food items - Being a vegan in the U.S is actually pretty easy. There are plenty of items available in most supermarkets, even in my smaller town. However, there are more rural areas that are not close to big chain supermarkets, and when that is the case, it always helps to bring a few provisions to keep me from getting hangry. 

So thats it, a little writing, a little planning, and hoping that when this trip starts everything I need is there and nothing more :)

Hope everyone has a fun holiday season, with minimal stress, and delicious food!

See you in the new year!

Cozy without clutter

So today I learned about the polar vortex that will be coming our way this winter. It got me thinking about the pack rat mentality that takes over New England this time of the year. Your home becomes more than just your landing strip, it becomes your bunker. Having weather that discourages you from being outside for too long means that you will be in your home, a lot. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, people really seem to enjoy the whole “cozy” thing. But it can mean that we feel the need to add more into our homes a a way of staying entertained. If this is the case for you, as it is for me, just remember to take each purchase as an opportunity to evaluate what is already in your home. Think about where it will fit in, if it will truly fulfill a role that nothing you currently have can fulfill. Finally, if you are still needing to purchase, make sure you know exactly where this new item is going to go, where it will have a home. This way, you can always remain cozy without feeling cluttered. 

Second Hand Goods and the myth of “Used”

For many people that I have worked with, the second hand market is something they have not engaged with. Most haven’t really thought about it but are actually open to the idea of finding quality items at a fraction of the price. However, there are a few that seem to be against it because they do not want something that has been “used”. Their logic is that by not knowing the person who previously owned the item, they may possibly contract an adult case of “cooties.” Nevertheless, I try and remind them that, if an item seems to be in good shape - does not carry any kind of odor, or stain, and you can clean it - then it is probably just as “clean of cooties” as any new purchase. This is because your new purchases also involve other people. For example, with clothes:

People that touch your “brand new” clothes

  1. Whoever manufactures it, and depending on the level of detail, that can be multiple people.
  2. Whoever inspected it
  3. Whoever packaged it
  4. Whoever unpacked it at the store
  5. Whoever decided to try it on before you

While not everyone is convinced, I hope that encouraging people to engage in the second-hand market can have a positive effect on them as well as the environment. Save your wallet, save the world!



Welcome to our new site!


This is a very exciting time here at Arrangit. We’ve had great fun with our latest clients, helping them declutter and gain their spaces back. 


As we start this new website adventure, bringing all of the different aspects of our business into one home, I wanted to give you a quick first message that relates to this holiday season. Most of you are surely busy at this point, either with hosting duties or traveling to your premier Thanksgiving dinner destinations. As you prepare for a full weekend of self indulgence - with the food, and then black Friday, small business Saturday, cyber Monday, and giving Tuesday - remember to be good to yourself. By that I mean, it’s ok if you over indulge, don't feel guilty or repress your need for more pumpkin pie. In the country’s current climate, where tensions are high, sometimes the simple joy of finding the perfect deal on a pair of jeans and sharing that knowledge with your nearest and dearest, is all that you need to bring your divided families back together :)


May this space serve as a place for unity where everyone can find something they love and where the joy of holiday shopping comes with the guilt-free knowledge that your treasure hunting is helping create a more earth-friendly, sustainable industry.